Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Please accept our project...

We submitted our request to participate in the Kickstarter platform tonight. For those of you who don't know, Kickstarter helps get creative projects (not businesses, mind you) off the ground. It's great on several levels - not only do you get a chance to raise moolah, but you also get critical feedback about your project before it actually goes live. Even the process of thinking through and filming/editing our video has helped us better articulate our concept. We're so hopeful that we'll be able to use Kickstarter to reach a demographic that wouldn't otherwise know about us that we've already finished our video (which is one of the fancier ones, if I may say so myself). We've also thought of some really creative rewards. After several days of editing, I have a new appreciation for film makers.

For us, Kickstarter would help us fill the gap of our construction loan. With our loan and Kickstarter, what has been my dream for the last 8 years will become a reality.


  1. You should put your kickstarter link on here so people can click through, ladies! :)

  2. And here it is!