Friday, March 11, 2011

Food Photos

Loretta and I have decided to dedicate an entire blog to images of our food. We've included holiday meals, dinners with friends, dinners at home, our food at Colors restaurant and Sunday suppers. Enjoy!

This is a beef tartar that we served as an appetizer for Thanksgiving in 2009. It's fresh beef tenderloin, brandy, shallots and mustard seed caviar served with parmesan crisps.

The photo above and the photos below is from our menu at Colors restaurant in NYC. Above is Yogurt marinated lamb chop with tandoori spices and fava bean salad. Photos by Nadine Friedman.

From left to right:
Bagna Cauda Salad: prosciutto, cherry tomato, arugula, fennel and an anchovy vinaigrette
Local Cheese plate: raw orange blossom honey
Brazilian Mussel Moqueca: ginger coconut broth and lime
Three Grain Salad: farro wheat salad with dried cherries, quinoa with pistachio pesto, and cous cous with madras curry and coconut

Clam and Chorizo: Little Neck clams, chorizo, fennel, and a smokey white wine sauce. We sopped it up with some of Loretta's delicious bread.

This isn't the most flattering picture but this is one of my favorite dishes to make. It's a lamb ragu with pappardelle. This is a version of a dish we did at Colors, only that version used local beef short ribs that were to die for and house made pasta!

One of our favorite things to make at home is roasted chicken. At least once a week we roast a whole organic bird, it's so satisfying and we tend to get about three hearty meals out of one five pound chicken. It's definitely one of my favorite things and if you ask Loretta what her favorite dish of mine is...she will say "the chicken".

Home Cured Maple Bacon. Since I've cured my own it's very unlikely that I will ever buy bacon again.

I guess we have a thing for clams. We picked these up at a little fish market in South Hampton.

Loretta's gorgeous bread! She's so talented.

These little guys are cheese stuffed piquillo peppers with fried shallot and lemon zest.

Green Chile Stew: pork shoulder, green chiles, tomato, cheese...yum!

I'll end with a shot of Loretta's Mulled Wine Sangria. It's red wine, fruit, cinnamon, and's amazing served warm or chilled. Cheers!


  1. where is the photo of delicious enchiladas from New Years?????