Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why is it so hard to get good service?

More annoying than bad food is bad service. I can leave a restaurant that serves bad food feeling sorry for it, but I seethe when I leave a restaurant with bad service. I think this is all common sense, but apparently it isn't and I have to list out what not to do if not to better the service in this town than just to vent a little.

1. pretend to do me a favor by seating my incomplete party even when the restaurant is half empty. Either seat me or don't.
2. drop a menu that has clearly been printed on a home printer without checking first whether the dumb nut that trimmed it down passed kindergarten and can cut in a straight line.
3. ask two people with three place settings (that the host set) whether there are two or three people in the party.
4. interrupt a lively conversation at a table so that you can take a drink order.
5. ask to take a drink order even before a customer is able to get his coat off after he first sits down.
6. tell me what your favorite dish is, why do I care what your favorite dish is? Is your palate identical to mine? Do you even have a palate?
7. notice that a customer is trying to fix a wobbly table and walk away.
8. deliver food and leave empty beer glasses on the table.
9. allow your busser to provide the best service in the house.
10. touch a check presenter that obviously has not been moved from where you set it and ask if "it's all set."

Just for posting this, I will probably be punished with an unjust review of my own restaurant's service when we finally open. Go ahead and judge me, but I will only stab myself in the eye if we get called out on any of the above 10 infractions.

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  1. Daaaaaaaang. Did this happen at the same place, in one night??

    #9 was my favorite *laffin*