Monday, June 27, 2011

Food Snob

My palate has changed. I used to be able to enjoy your everyday, run of the mill foods like Little Cesar's Pizza or Trader Joe's produce. Not even the popular restaurants in LA satisfy me anymore....what's happened to me??? My palate has become this insatiable, snobby, princess that only wants the finest and freshest. Fortunately, I live in Los Angeles where there is a farmers market everyday of the week. But what about the rest of my food that can't be bought at farmers markets? Why can't my palate be ok with Foster Farms chicken or the Ralph's meat or seafood counter? The truth is, I've spoiled my palate at home. Loretta and I exclusively shop at farmers markets for our produce, we buy fish from the wholesale fish market in Little Tokyo that supplies the best sushi joints in town and of course our love affair with our local butcher at McCalls. We bake our own organic bread, grow our own herbs, tomatoes and peppers and travel to Pasadena to Jones' every time we need to stock up on coffee. It's not much more expensive than blowing all of our money at the supermarkets. In fact, the produce is cheaper, the meat lasts longer and we have peace of mind knowing that we are eating as seasonal, local and healthy as possible, supporting the local economy and our princess palates are satisfied.

Lately, more than usual I've been called a "food snob". I think I will go ahead and embrace the title...what's so bad about caring for food and caring about where my food is coming from? Without food snobs there would be no progression in the food industry...right? We'd just settle for the same thoughtless, low quality foods from god knows where. You know, I wish there were more food snobs. Maybe I will evangelize my food snobbery...make some believers, attract some followers...lots of followers....paying followers who demand quality and go out and spread the word! We will support our local farmers, butchers, and fishermen! We'll give a damn! Because to all those who want to call me names....the truth is I just give a damn.


  1. I am a fortunate follower :)

  2. Are you telling me that you don't still love Crazy Bread? I won't believe you if you say, "no."