Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our first contractor meeting

So. We finally met with a contractor at our proposed spot in the Eastern Columbia today. Perhaps we should have done it sooner so that we have a more accurate idea of what our costs will be. I suppose we could have done it to have another opinion on the build-out process. Regardless. We met with a contractor today. And, we liked him! He came as a recommendation from our friend Bryant, who just launched a restaurant. Though Bryant didn't use Triple Five in his own build-out, he recommended that we reach out to Triple Five first. Interesting.

We wanted to meet at the space to see if he could identify any issues. Unexpectedly, he offered to review the lease (we've had two lawyers look it over already, but this is the sort of thing that needs lots of eyes). He also gave us a ballpark range for build-out. Granted, the spread was $160k. At least we have a better idea now for what we need to raise. We also feel more confident that we know the general process for launch, i.e. time-line, permitting, people to involve, etc.

We then followed up our meeting with lunch with our friend, who is starting a bakery down the street. She decided not to use a general contractor. She's using a project manager instead so she can save a bit of money. I'll need to explore this idea, and the idea of using an expeditor/engineer instead of an architect, but my initial sense is that we might save some headache with a contractor. As with all things, however, our options will be determined with a better idea of our cash situation. So. As with all things thus far, we wait for new developments. Stay posted.

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